Our Philosophy

Schreiner Consulting GmbH is a company driven by its employees. With regard to its fields of activity, it is one of the leading national companies and has also growing consistantly on an international scale.

Our mission is the continued development of a globally operating company which expands its scope constantly, adapts together with its employees to the changing requirements of the market and aims to have a pioneering role in its respective business units. Schreiner Consulting is an all-rounder with special fields of expertise and ensures its success through partnership-based professionalism in time-tested and proven collaboration.

It is our objective to provide one service alone to our customers with every order: the best one! To deliver this high standard, we rely on two factors: superior, cross-discipline know-how and the quality of our employees. Our personal commitment, loyalty to customers, dedication, high level of flexibility and the awareness of responsibility of each and every employee lead to decisive benefits for the customers of Schreiner Consulting.